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Save the day on Election Day, November 6th for your own private viewing of Montana Shakespeare in the Parks’ JULIUS CAESAR, performed by the professional actors you love watching in the parks all summer long! The performance is followed by purpose-built classes which take a deep look at different forms of government, Roman history, and the Roman Republic meant to give us much to discuss and explore long after the event. Reserve a space now and receive the complimentary educational toolkit to prepare you and your kids for the day.


Performance of Julius Caesar followed by Q & A: 10:00am-11:45pm

Lunch:  11:45am-12:15pm (Bring your own)

Classroom Work for Children and Parent/Teachers: 1:00-2:30pm

Location:  MSU Black Box Theater on 11th and Grant in Bozeman


$0 FREE to all Parent/Teachers who participate in the afternoon classroom work with their children

$11.50 Workshop/Performance COMBO for each child

$8.00 Workshop/Performance COMBO for each child from outside Bozeman

$5.00 Donation for Performance Only

Target Audience: This show and corresponding classes are most appropriate for middle/high school age students. Younger students able to handle more mature themes and discussions with adequate attention span are welcome to participate.

Free quiet games and activities will be available in the Black Box Theater lobby for younger siblings! Supervised by fellow homeschool moms.

Reserve a space now and receive the complimentary educational toolkit to prepare you and your kids for the performances by clicking on the link above or mail a check with your child(rens) name(s) and MSIP in the memo line to:

The Children’s Shakespeare Society 1627 W. Main Street Box #281 Bozeman, MT  59715

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Romeo & Juliet!!! What a memorable weekend of performances on the lawn at the Story Mansion!

TCSS Romeo & Juliet Poster v3.jpg

Poster Art by Nathalie Laubie-Woods

Romeo & Juliet

September 7, 8, 9 on the lawn of the Story Mansion

Picnic & mask-making on the lawn starting at 5pm.  Performances each night beginning at 6pm.  

$10 General Admission and $5 10 & Under.    Purchase Securely Online By Clicking Below.

Come join us on the lawn at the Story Mansion where our players celebrate the use of their new set given to them by the folks at Montana Shakespeare in the Parks.  And what better way to break in the set complete with a balcony, than the tragedy of Romeo & Juliet?  Join us at 5pm with your picnic and take part in mask-making activities on the lawn.


Congratulations Directors, Cast, and Crew of Sherlock Holmes & The Watch Girl, the second in our Victorian Theater series.  June 2018.

Melo + Drama means drama set to music.  Our music especially scored and adapted to these scripts, sung by our players and accompanied by Bruce Hall it's creator, will again carry us along to another time.  In this tale, a young girl Ruth de Belville is the subscription watch girl for the master time piece in Greenwich park, London.  Wealthy business owners and individuals around London pay for her weekly visits to adjust their time pieces.  Her pocket clock named Arnold, is a most marvelous work of scientific genius and incredibly accurate.  Stripped of it's original gold accoutrements and hidden inside a plain silver shell in order to protect it's fame from potential pocket divers and thieves, Arnold has quite an intriguing history which led him into the hands of Ruth beginning with French nobility. 

Written and directed by M. Douglas MacIntyre and Maggie Peterson, this sequel to last year's Demon's Cargo installment once again chronicles the tales of the Baker Street Irregulars, a band of "street urchins" which appear in the very first Sherlock Holmes mystery.  This is Holmes before the world knows him as 'Holmes', a young student of science and law living at his laboratory supervisor's home while completing his studies in school.

Once again, M. Douglas MacIntyre does not disappoint history buffs with his attention to every detail.  He's completed extensive research in developing these stories to create an accurate historical picture of the Victorian time period.  Every street, every mention of businesses or locales visited within the play is trackable back to 1918 London, including Ruth de Belville and her infamous time piece, Arnold.

This summer!  Join us for our Stage Fight Camp July 16-20 for ages 10-17


sword fighting silhouette.jpg


Apply before May 5th and receive a $90 discount!

A luxurious week of beginning to advanced stage fight instruction led by two internationally certified fight directors from Chicago.  Children will start with basic stage combat and progress as they complete each skill, with the potential to move on to more complicated choreography including hand to hand, sword and dagger, staff, and found object work.

Applying the basic premises of stage fight choreography which hinge on trust, consent and teamwork, we will have fun experiencing theater as a “Team Sport”!  Setting our fight choreography to some of theater’s greatest classical moments while building respect for one another both on stage and off. 


Ever wondered how they make those false punches look real from the audience angle?  Have you noticed that if you peek from another vantage point you can see the fist is at least two feet from it’s target, but the acting partner appearing to be “hit” is selling the punch for her team member to make it seem real!  Fight and dance choreography are built in the same manner, slowly and methodically, with all people involved carefully learning each move so the fight will look “real” to the audience - as long as no one is looking from another side!

Through fight work we learn to respect one another and honor the process by slowly working up to speed through constant repetition and care for our's and our partner’s safety.  It’s a whole lot of fun, but involves work that is done slowly and carefully!  We learn great skills here in treating our partner in the way we want to be treated, and knowing that your partner is the one that makes you look good, you rely on them to sell your work, and visa versa when it's your turn to be the recipient.

The group for this camp will be kept incredibly small (just 20 campers) in order to keep the safety of each child at the forefront of all we do. Skills will start with basics like the hair pull, foot stomp, and move on only as they become proficient in each aspect of the skill, with the most important skill being safe in protecting both their partner and themselves first and foremost. If they work hard at keeping safe and methodically working through each skill each day they will have the opportunity to be taught hand to hand, sword and dagger, and found object choreography as they progress and show their readiness.


Applications to take part are being accepted now.  Please call 406-600-1145 for details on the application process.  If accepted, you will be asked to pay for your spot, and no refund will be given after that time for any cancellations.

This is not a camp for learning how to hurt one another.  It’s a camp for learning how to create realistic fight scenes and only serious applicants will be accepted.  If at any time a camper becomes unruly, disprespectful, or in any way endangers another camper they will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.  Our skilled fight directors work in the professional field every day, and teach kids all year long.  They know how to teach basic fight skills in a really engaging way, and everyone can have a lot of fun participating. As campers become proficient in one skill they will be allowed to move on to the more advanced skills.  After honing a set of skills, they will use their new fight choreography set to classic theater moments.

A show and tell for parents, caregivers, and friends will take place from 2-3pm at the end of each day. And a final from 1-3 on Friday.

Parents and caregivers are invited to sit in and observe at any time as long as they are not a distraction.  We want everyone to feel happy and safe about how we are doing things!

Ages 10-17

July 16-20   9am-3pm   $350  ($260 before May 5th)

Our Company of players employs fight choreography in every show we do! Below are some scenes from our fights over the years, as well as from some of our other fight camps in the past. This is proof that any age child can take part and can learn how to be methodical and disciplined to create a safe situation for all involved.

Click on each photo to scroll through the gallery.

A Look At Some of Our Past Productions...

Fall 2017


Directed by Cerris Morgan-Moyer and Benjamin Barker with Original Music by Moira Smiley  

Small size Richard III Artwork for Poster.jpg

Directed by Cerris Morgan-Moyer and Benjamin Barker with original music by Moira Smiley, William Shakespeare’s tale of Richard III’s stop-at-nothing quest for power came alive as told by The Children’s Shakespeare Society at a PopUp location on a lawn in downtown Bozeman, September 8th, 9th, and 10th. The show highlighted the characters, presented in all their rich dimension as complex people who are steeped in their own personal histories which have shaped them.


  Summer 2017

Summer 2017

We so enjoyed our first Melodrama/Vaudeville show SHERLOCK HOLMES and The Demon's Cargo written just for us by our dear friends M. Douglas MacIntyre and Maggie Petersen with an original score by Bruce Hall, fight choreography by Gordon Carpenter drew us off our Shakespearean path and led us down an unexpected road to discover a part of theatrical history which plain and simple is downright fun and entertaining start to finish! Thanks to this creative Directorial team who trained under the masterful hand of Judy Ferree in Virginia City, we were transported back to a time when melodramas and the accompanying olio's were the movies people went to before there were movies to see!  

Holmes Press.jpg

Set Design and Illustrations by Nathalie Laurie-Woods

Poster by Eve Bennett

Press Photographer Tonya Lessley of Inspire Photo Arts

Spring 2017... the Ides of March blew in to form our own version of The Tempest!

The Tempest Poster comp 100.jpg

Poster Created by Eve Bennett - Thank you, Eve! You have created every poster since our inception! We LOVE YOU!

Directed by Tonya Andrews and Gordon Carpenter, this family favorite provided with something for everyone!  These two directors always bring an enormous amount of skill and creativity mixed with an undyingly kind and supportive manner which has made our little band what it is today.  Their steadfast positive vision, combined with their willingness to accommodate our kids' wishes in tackling the gamut from comedies to tragedies has won us over heart and soul!  All the while they are adept at keeping the mix consistently rich by adding plenty of stage fighting which the kids won't do without!  This special recipe is part and parcel of what makes them worth their weight in gold!  Costumes were again crafted by Evie King coming to us from Door Shakespeare in Wisconsin.  What a lovely mix, giving our company kids ages 5-17 the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from around the country.  

Fall 2016

  Photo by Tonya Lessley of Inspire Photo Art

Photo by Tonya Lessley of Inspire Photo Art

A Midsummer Night's Dream Was Dreamy!

A Midsummer Night's Dream was dreamy!!!   Set in Lindley Park, our inventive directors, Maggie Petersen and M. Douglas MacIntyre of The Magic Circle Mime Company used the trees and hillside as our set.  The setting sun lit our actors in a warm evening glow, and the a cappella vocals mixed with pieces played on the harp provided a unique performance which won't soon be forgotten.  

Spring 2016

Our Spring Show of Hamlet was a great success!

The kids played to sold out performances all weekend!  Thank you to our fabulous community for supporting the kids of TCSS!


Winter 2016

Thank you Moira!!!  What a wonderful three days making music together!

The Children's Shakespeare Society proudly presented a very special music arranging and vocal harmonies workshop just for our home-schooling kiddos with vocalist Moira Smiley on October 7,8, and 10.  Currently on tour with the legendary Irish band, Solas, and the new indie pop sensation the tUnE-yArDs, Moira is something of a musical magician!  Moira spent three days with us last January and the kids have been begging for more ever since!  She took 19 kids, many of whom had never sung beyond the confines of their car, and had them singing four-part harmony in Latin in under an only got better from there.  Read on for more information about who this talented person is, and you'll understand why her name is linked to so many notable projects of such diverse genres, from medieval recordings of Hildegard Von Bingen's work, to performing her own style of original polyphony and body percussion mixed with her undeniably rich vocal versions of folk tunes.  

NEW!!!  We are instituting a Driving Discount Rate for all our events which gives folks outside of Gallatin Valley a credit for making the trip!  Click on the link below to register or email or call for more information to do so offline.  See "Contacts" page for contact information.

Fall 2015

Was full of magical happenings.... Our fall show was just that!

As You Like It

(And we LOVED it!!!!!)

Our fall show played to wonderfully full audiences on the lawn of a barn outside of Bozeman!

   Two evenings of a wonderful, happy full crowd of guests spread upon the lawn, and once again an impromptu dance party furnished by the amazing Fiddaman Brothers and Friends at intermission... all tied up with a pretty bow of the final scene culminating right at sunset. The kids have outdone themselves, and are  so  coming into their own as truly fine actors and part of a Company under the patient and talented guiding hands of our directors! To top it off, Pecos Bill, the horse member of our family, made his debut on opening night, and was amazed to be hired just to ride in, and get paid to EAT GRASS!!!!   “And this our life exempt from public haunt, Finds tongues in trees, Books in the running brooks, Sermons in stones, and Good in everything.”

Two evenings of a wonderful, happy full crowd of guests spread upon the lawn, and once again an impromptu dance party furnished by the amazing Fiddaman Brothers and Friends at intermission... all tied up with a pretty bow of the final scene culminating right at sunset. The kids have outdone themselves, and are so coming into their own as truly fine actors and part of a Company under the patient and talented guiding hands of our directors! To top it off, Pecos Bill, the horse member of our family, made his debut on opening night, and was amazed to be hired just to ride in, and get paid to EAT GRASS!!!!

“And this our life exempt from public haunt, Finds tongues in trees, Books in the running brooks, Sermons in stones, and Good in everything.”

Spring 2015    

Comedy of Errors

Under the keen direction of Tonya Andrews and Gordon Carpenter, we doubled the trouble, vaudeville style!  What fun we had with Shakespeare's, Comedy of Errors.  Our version, set in the early 1900’s gave the kids ample opportunity to bring to the production loads of off-beat magic, acrobatic, and slapstick comedy skills which they've evidently been hiding in the closet!  Lots of laughs and a packed theater at every show, left us reeling with many good memories to savor for a long while!  A hidden treat?  The intermission impromptu dance parties with live music by the phenomenal "Fiddaman Brothers" (otherwise known as Dr. Pinch and Officer O'Malley) on their cello and fiddle... Lots of wild dancing with audience members who wended their way into our back alley for the fun!  What a great weekend, we'll never forget.

Fall 2014


Taken directly from Dumas' first english translation of 1860, it provided the (kid-requested) challenging language, along with the requisite action sequences, which led to a play chock-full of opportunities for our heroine and heroines to charge against all odds and come out on top!  It will long be remembered in this little band!!

Spring 2014


Images below are from our first Two Week Wonder production, Twelfth Night.  Featuring live original music performed by the kids themselves, this show was a delight, and played to completely sold out shows at every performance.

Performing Shakespeare is so different than other plays. When I’m up there on stage after working so hard to understand what I’m saying and the audience gets it, it feels amazing!
— Performer, Age 13

More About Who We are...


Working with professional Shakespearean directors, the kids spend two weeks in an intensive process of putting the play together and performing it multiple times over a weekend.  Every child who signs up receives a role, and we normally have between 19-28 kids between the ages of 5-17 sign up for each production.  Casting happens about a month ahead of the beginning of rehearsals, at which time the kids are assigned their parts and given their scripts in order to begin independent work and research at home.  Once rehearsals begin, they spend a minimum of 60 hours with their directors over that final two week period from 9-3 every day.   We are committed to providing these opportunities twice a year, with plans to implement more educational workshops throughout the year, and possibly a summer production as well.

Shakespeare’s language is really fun to learn... it’s really hard to learn, and you can practice it wherever you go....
— Performer, age 7


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