"For our first play, Twelfth Night, I thought we MIGHT get 15 kids to sign up.  After all... it IS Shakespeare! We got 30, with 19 more on the wait list hoping to get a chance at being in the production!"

Aimee Devlin, Executive Director

The Two Week Wonder Formula  - Working together to make it come alive!

Through taking part in performances, the kids learn firsthand that working together as a team on stage requires being able to develop respect and trust with the other kids around you.  They may be your best friend, or someone you've never met before, but getting up on stage together requires building this support for one another.  In the end, everyone ends up knowing their teammates are up there with them, supporting each other, no matter what happens.  The bonds created by doing this sort of work together are invaluable, and lend themselves to support and inform situations we all encounter every day.

I like doing Shakespeare because it enables actors to express what he believed many years ago, but that’s also relevant in today’s world... about basic human nature, not necessarily being completely good or completely evil, but being...human.
— Performer, age 14


The Two week Vaudeville formula

The Children’s Shakespeare Society ventures off their well-worn Shakespearean path to bring you the unique opportunity to experience vaudeville and melodrama live on stage. Written and directed by M. Douglas MacIntyre and Maggie Petersen, with original score performed by Bruce Hurlbut, and fight choreography by Gordon Carpenter, this show represents a collaborative effort by talented Vaudeville veterans who studied the form under the direction of the amazing Judy Feree, a woman who created an unparalleled program in Virginia City’s heyday during the 70’s and 80’s.